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For many years, Seafood Buffets have become a popular favorite with much of the American population.

Seafood buffets are setting a trend for the new Sunday night special of choice. Buffet style restaurants have always been quite popular. From a consumer stand point, since most buffets are all you can eat for a fixed price, it offers a great value to feast on their favourite culinary delights.

Typical buffets of the past have included salad bars, chinese food, roast beef or roast turkey dinners or a mix of casseroles, soups and other precooked meals. However, the growing popularity of seafood has opened the door for seafood buffets to join the ranks of highly favoured meal choices.

One of the interesting appeals to a buffet is the variety. A buffet is a serve-yourself concept, that allows the diner to pick and choose from a wide range of dishes. This is great for taste-testing new foods or dishes that a person has never tried before. Buffets are the perfect opportunity to explore new tastes, such as the many varieties of seafood available.

Seafood itself has gained recognition and is promoted world wide for all its health benefits. Richly laced with omega 3 fatty acids, most health organizations recommend eating seafood at least two or three times a week. The health benefits of omega 3′s found in fish oils are touted with reducing heart disease, preventing the formation of blood clots, reducing high blood pressure and preventing strokes, just to give you a few examples.

Unfortunately, many consumers have not been exposed to different types of seafood, and have very little taste for it. Enter: seafood buffets.

Buffets serving lobster, crab, salmon, shrimp and a host of other deep sea dishes are the perfect solution. Consumers can try small samples of different types of seafood, without fear of wasting money on a dish they don’t enjoy. Adding much needed nutrients to their diet, a seafood buffet offers variety and choice without breaking the pocket book.

Compared with traditional sit down meals, buffets offer the best value for everyone. One flat price allows you access to the entire menu, so you can pile up the crab legs, if that’s your favourite, or nibble at bits of everything.

At one time, seafood was considered a delicacy only for the rich and famous. But buffet style restaurants allow the whole family enjoy the many rich flavours at a cost that’s easily affordable. It’s really no wonder seafood buffets are so popular, since everyone has a chance to indulge. With such a broad range of choices, you’ll certainly never leave a seafood buffet feeling hungry!

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